A Diet of 87% Hoaxes: Data shows news articles shared on Parler in the time period surrounding Capitol insurrection came overwhelmingly from misinformation websites An analysis by NewsGuard and PeakMetrics finds that 87% of news links shared on Parler in the time period surrounding the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol breach came from misinformation sources, ranging from a North Macedonian site called American Conservatives Today to an Alex Jones video website to QAnon conspiracy sites

An analysis by NewsGuard and PeakMetrics finds that news links shared on the social media app Parler in the period surrounding the Jan. 6th Capitol insurrection…

An effective PR campaign can bring invaluable business and attention to a brand. It is more important than ever for PR and marketing professionals to find a way to accurately assess the performance of their PR campaigns. The industry has long held on to metrics such as Return of Investment (ROI) or Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE), but modern PR campaigns require a holistic assessment of your strategy in order to be effective.

Below, we outline some of the best metrics you can use to evaluate your PR campaign’s success, and explore how tools can streamline this process.

One of the…

Earlier this year, we discussed reaching out to journalists as one of the most challenging factors for PR and communications professionals and provided tips for this process. Now, we’ve spoken with BIGfish PR Founder & CEO, and Emerson College PR Professor David Richard to discuss the tips and tricks of the outreach process in closer detail. BIGfish PR is an agency focused on media relations for B2C and B2B innovation, lifestyle, and technology brands.

On any given day, a professional journalist receives hundreds of emails containing pitches for stories that they should write or produce. Media coverage in any form…

Los Angeles-based media intelligence company, PeakMetrics, and University of Pennsylvania research group headed by principal investigator Duncan J. Watts today announce a partnership to support an ambitious collective research agenda to study misinformation and its impact on democracy. As part of the partnership, PeakMetrics will deliver key data required for the research initiative and serve as an industry partner for the research group.

In the past years, the deliberate spread of misinformation online, and on social media in particular, has generated extraordinary concern. …

Google Alerts is a powerful, simple way to stay up to date when your organization is mentioned in online news.

And, with teams shifting towards remote work faster than ever before, tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams have seen explosive growth.

A great way for remote marketing and PR teams to stay up to date on what’s happening in their space is to pipe their Google Alerts into Microsoft Teams (ps — if you use Slack, we have a companion piece to this article here).

Here’s how you can do it:

Set up a Google Alert RSS Feed


A ton has happened in 2020 and sometimes I wish we could circle back to before all the chaos or fast forward to the future. With so much in flux, it’s important to revisit the tools in your marketing toolbox. Here are the top seven tools that we use everyday.

Content Creation — Canva

Canva has been on our radar. You can use Canva to create social content with premade designs. The new mobile application has video creation capabilities for creating Instagram stories.

Influencer Marketing — Instagram

This year, the top two most effective marketing sources for influencer marketing were…

PeakMetrics’ COVID-19 Dashboard

In late 2019, doctors in Wuhan, China reported a strange pneumonia-like illness caused by a mysterious virus for which none of the normal medications seemed to work. It soon became known that this illness was caused by a novel coronavirus — a virus that humanity has never been exposed to and against which nobody has any pre-existing immune defenses. By March, the spread of the virus was global.

As of mid-April, there have been over a million and a half cases of COVID-19, with over 100,000 deaths worldwide. The global pandemic has unleashed wall-to-wall news coverage as well as ubiquitous…

This is a guest post by Shana Harris, the Chief Operating Officer of Warschawski, a full-service marketing communications agency

COVID-19 has dramatically shifted the way the communications industry operates as well as the way we all communicate. Conferences and events have been canceled, clients are being affected, communication firms have to work from home and the media is 99% focused on news surrounding COVID-19.

Below are a few key approaches to keep in mind that affect how we engage with all audiences:

  • Be Adaptable — While this is devastating on so many levels, look at it as an opportunity to…

The digital landscape is ever-changing and with it, PR industry standards are rapidly evolving. Not only that but making a long-lasting impression is becoming more difficult with increased background noise and hard-to-impress audiences. We’ve sought out experts within the PR and communications industry to chat about the biggest difficulties they face.

Challenge #1: Scheduling and Coordinating with Clients

Scheduling and coordinating with clients or coworkers is critical in any job, even more so for PR professionals. With strict deadlines, client meetings, and a 24/7 news cycle, PR professionals have a full plate.

Jake Hay, Partner and Head of Development at

Dear friends of PeakMetrics,

As you may know, we help organizations better understand the media landscape. Core to our mission is to support transparent media analysis. I’m reaching out to share some resources that we’re making available to our partners during this time:

📊 Free extended access to our Dashboard and API for researchers, non-profits and journalists. We understand that many insights can be garnered around misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation in the context of COVID-19 as well as many different narratives that have developed. If you’d like access to either of these, please fill out this form.

📖 Free COVID-19…


PeakMetrics tracks news, social, and broadcast around the clock, bringing you the information that’s most relevant to you.

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